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“He who is kind to the poor lends to the LORD, and he will reward him for what he has done.” – Proverbs 19:17

The Holocaust March of Remembrance Houston is successful because of the volunteers that come together and make it possible. The march is held on multiple days all across the city and we need your help. There are roles for leadership, prayer, registration and more. Please contact Rozalie for volunteer jobs: 832.287.5057


Volunteer job descriptions

Registration Jobs (3 types) Time needed- Day of March only, 11am -5pm

  1. Registrars-

Job Description- Register participants on the day of the march.  Assist by seeing to the details while welcoming walkers. Help set up and take down registration information.

  1. Registration Ushers- Greet and orientate participants on the day of the March, help with set up and take down.  People persons needed!
  2. T-shirt sales- Sales and service to participants. Help set up and take down the sales area.

Transportation Jobs Day of the March only, 11am -6pm

Assist participants on the walk with traffic safety, transportation, parking, etc.

Promotional Jobs- Time needed -up to 90 days before the march, 1 hour a week or as available

Post flyers, posters and promotional materials. You will help connect with pastors/leaders, and use social media to promote the March.

Prayer walk Jobs- Time needed-Up to 90 days before and day of the march, 11-5

Pray for the March and its leadership. Pray over the March route with the team, staff prayer points, and help post signs. Help collect trash after the march.

Hospitality Jobs- Time needed- Day of the March, 11am – 6pm

Prepare refreshments for VIP and volunteer. Set up and take down food area, and help manage volunteer room and badges for VIPs and volunteers. Decorate and clean up as needed.


Volunteers of the Year


 2012: Gwen Vastine



2012: Gwen Vasten






2013: Jeff Craig



Volunteer of the Year 2014





2014: Christine Ege





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