Holocaust Remembrance Scholarship

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There will be nine awards totaling $7,500!

Six scholarships awarded at $1000 each and three stipends awarded at $500 each

The Holocaust Remembrance Scholarships, are created in honor of Holocaust survivors, Leizer and Rose Horowitz. Educating and empowering students to become ambassadors of  breaking the veil of silence surrounding the issues of the Holocaust is a key goal. The world needs future leaders to  actively do their part to stop current prejudices and prevent future atrocities.
The March of Remembrance is a part of the Global March of Life, where memorial walks are taken annually throughout the world on Holocaust Remembrance Day. The 2018 Houston area event will occur on Sunday, April 15th, near Rice University. Details including location and times TBD. Check March event page.

Application Criteria, Guidelines and Deadlines

The March of Remembrance is a walk taken annually in March or April throughout the United States on Holocaust Remembrance Day. It was birthed out of the Global March of Life, which takes place throughout the Nations. The purpose of the March is: 

Remembering the Holocaust and giving survivors a voice; reconciling descendants of perpetrators, bystanders and victims, and taking a stand against modern-day anti-Semitism. The 2018 Houston area event will occur near Rice University, exact locations and time TBD .

Sunday, April 15, 2018 in Southwest Houston 

For check-in time and final info on the start and end locations and other details visit: http://www.marchofremembrancehouston.org 

Necessary downloads:

Holocaust Remembrance  Scholarship mail-in application

Holocaust  Scholarship cover letter for counselors, ministers and teachers 

Holocaust Remembrance Scholarship criteria, guidelines & qualification form

Release form

Scholarship Flyer


Application Guidelines and Deadlines 

Basic Qualifications: 

Applicant must be enrolled in high school, college, vocational, bible school or a continuing education program. Applicant must attend any 2018 March of Life or Remembrance; be a US citizen (applicants are not required to be Texas or US residents); AND must have their team of 20 attend the Houston March of Remembrance event. Applicants must have a sponsoring professor, teacher or instructor.

  • By 6 pm Thursday, March 15th, 2018:  Fill out the registration form online or email/mail the completed registration to the contact listed at the bottom of this page. 
  • By 6 pm  Saturday, April 14th, 2018: recruit and make sure a minimum of twenty participants for your team will attend the march. To count as your team, they must be pre-registered and attend. All team members will get a free team T-Shirt  
  • By 6 pm TuesdayMay 15th, 2018: Applicants must complete a phone or in person interview with a child Holocaust survivor and submit an ESSAY and the audio  file of the interview. The essay must deal with an aspect(s) of the survivor’s life that demonstrates this year’s theme: “Growing Beauty from Ashes.” Specific requirements for each educational level and evaluation criteria click here
  • To pre-register your participants for the March, go here.

NOTE: When registering your team, make sure they click “yes” under “I am registering with a March of Remembrance team or Scholarship Applicant” 

(Online applications are preferred. However, if the online application is not working, please submit your application by email or mail using the information below.) 

 For Questions Contact: 

Scholarship@MarchOfRemembranceHouston.org |Melissa Cruz –(832) 930-1088
Education Chair Coordinator, March of Remembrance Houston.org: 

Mail to: 

Holocaust  Remembrance Scholarship 

PO Box 6556 

Kingwood, TX 77329 

  • By March 15th, 2018:  Fill out the online application here, or email/mail the completed application to the contacts listed at the bottom of this page.

(Online applications are preferred. However, if the online application is not working, please submit your application by email or mail using the information from the forms ABOVE.)

For Questions Contact 

Melissa Cruz


 (832) 930-1088
Education Chair Coordinator, March of Remembrance Houston

or Mail to:

Holocaust  Remembrance Scholarship

PO Box 6556

Kingwood, TX 77325