A Word from the Leaders and Endorsements

“What if the Christians—the ones who truly followed the way and teachings of Jesus—had early on taken to the streets to protest the Nazi movement? Would it have made a difference? We’ll never know, because they didn’t. But if it had been me, as much as I would have felt the nudge of God’s Spirit to take action, most likely I would have held back because of fear. The interesting thing is that what holds me back the most is the very ordinary fear of uncertainty. How does one go about mounting a protest? How do you talk about these kinds of things? Where do you find like-minded persons, so that you are not alone? To me the Holocaust March of Remembrance is an answer to such questions. Perhaps it is not too early in our own day to make these visible public statements against resurgent anti-Semitism. But it is never too early to have a fire drill, because knowing what to do in a crisis takes advance preparation and practice because we never know when the crisis might happen. This March of Remembrance is that kind of practice and preparation. It creates networks of people who are willing to stand together and to move in the direction of justice and compassion. It gives us practice in organizing. It helps us find words to express timeless truths in need of timely reminders. This is why I am a part of the 2015 Kingwood March of Remembrance—it’s God’s call to me to start repenting from standing idly by.”– Pastor Doyle Theimer, Christ the King Lutheran

  “We have been privileged to participate over the past two years in our local ‘March of Remembrance’. Many of our parishioners have not only walked, but also been eager to develop deeper ties between ourselves and our Jewish friends.  The learning, remembering, and rejoicing that has occurred has inspired our congregation and encouraged a deeper commitment to ‘never again’.  I am glad to represent the intent of the March to the greater United Methodist community.”– Rev. Jim Welch, Kingwood United Methodist


“Throughout history, the Jewish people have learned, ‘we can’t count on anyone but ourselves.’  The March of Remembrance is beginning to change that perception.  Those who participate in the March say to the world that NO oppression is acceptable.  When Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel marched with Martin Luther King in Alabama in 1963, he said, ‘I’m praying with my feet.’  Walking with those willing to end oppression is a powerful form of prayer that we can all appreciate.”  — Rabbi Dan Gordon, Temple Beth Torah

“I was truly blessed to participate in the 2013 March in Baytown.  We at Faith Presbyterian were delighted to host the March and enjoyed participation from members and pastors of St. Mark’s United Methodist, Trinity Episcopal, St. Stephen Lutheran, St. John the Evangelist Catholic, Baker Road Baptist and the Church on the Rock.” — Rev.Dr Jim Gill, Faith Presbyterian

Aglow International recognizes the March of Remembrance( USA) and the March of Life(Europe) as a heartfelt  response from Christians  to the Holocaust and a viable option for putting feet to the ground in relation to  Aglow’s call to Israel.”–Jane Hansen-Hoyt, President of Aglow International

“I am the preacher at the Kingwood Church of Christ in Kingwood, TX. It has been our great pleasure to be a part of the March of Remembrance since its inception. I have been witness to an entire community coming together under the banner of “Never Forget” as we recall those who suffered the atrocities of the Holocaust. However, we are not content to remember only but through prayer, faith, and a deep reliance upon Yahweh we proclaim “Never Again”.

I call upon all of our brothers and sisters in Christ to participate in this event each and every year. Though the March’s focus is upon those who suffered in WWII, we recall and pray for all who have suffered and have been persecuted for their faith. We lift up those in harm’s way as we speak.  In the end, though it is our intention to “Never Forget”, let us remember that we serve a living God who “Never Forgets” us. He continually calls us to obedience, faith, and unity. If you are reading this, I pray that you will join us in our efforts to bring unity through faith.”–Pastor Scott Thibodeaux, Church of Christ
“I am the rector of The Episcopal Church of the Good Shepherd in Kingwood, Texas. Our parish has been one of many congregations participating and supporting the Holocaust March of Remembrance in the greater Houston for the past two years. I am writing to invite you and the congregation you serve to join in this year’s March of Remembrance.

The March of Remembrance is a powerful and moving reminder of the atrocities that human beings can inflict on one another. It is important to remember the Holocaust—to “Never Forget” what did happen during WWII. Our hope is that people of all ages, races, religions and creeds will come together to prevent and stop the evil and horror of genocide and ethnic cleansing wherever it may found. This is where the “rubber meets the road” in our various faith traditions. If people of faith do not speak out and act, who will?” —The Rev. William T. Richter, Jr., Good Shepherd Episcopal Church 


The Organizers and Initiators of the March of Life

Jobst and Charlotte Bittner

Jobst and Charlotte are the visionary leaders and face of the March of Life worldwide. Pastor Bittner is Senior Pastor of TOS, a non-denominational Charismatic church and ministry founded by Jobst and Charlotte in Tübingen, Germany 1987.

Since 1997 international branches have been planted in nine nations through prayer ministries, establishing children´s homes throughout Latin America, and centers for drug rehabilitation in Eastern Europe.

Next to this apostolic pioneer ministry, Jobst Bittner is also a speaker at conferences in Europe, Latin America and the United States. Prayer and repentance concerning Germany´s Nazi history has always been on the agenda of TOS Ministries. During recent years however, a special relationship with Israel, the Jewish Community and  Messianic congregations has developed through many personal friendships, conferences and events like the “March of Life”. Jobst and Charlotte Bittner believe that recognizing and honoring the Hebrew roots of the church is the key for revival. Go to www.tos.info to find out more.

 Ted Pearce

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Ted Pearce is the Founder and President of the March of Remembrance USA, and ordained through TOS Ministries International. A singer/songwriter/guitarist and also a worship leader since coming to faith in January 1990.

Since the original concept of the March of Life was publicly uttered in a small church of Tailfingen Germany during a concert Ted did there in October 2006, he has been working closely with TOS Ministries, Intl. and Pastor Jobst Bittner from Tübingen, Germany on a series of reconciliation prayer walks known as the March of Life, which are national campaigns with hundreds of churches in various nations of Europe.

Ted is the founder of March of Remembrance USA, a Holocaust Memorial prayer walk that started in Dallas TX 2009 with 8 other founding cities joining that first year. Since that time, the March of Remembrance has continued spreading through his presentations at live concerts given all over the USA and around the world.


 Mitchell and Rozalie Jerome










Rozalie Jerome was raised in a Conservative Jewish home, and is the child of Holocaust survivors who were rescued by Christians in Hungary. This has always inspired her to play a significant role in healing relationships between Jews, Christians, and our G-d.

She and her husband Mitch, are the Founders of the Crossover Project, and The Healing Room in Kingwood, Texas. They are also Coordinators for the Houston Holocaust March of Remembrance, as well as producers and co-hosts of “The Crossover” TV show, which airs world wide in English, Spanish, and Russian.

Mitch and Rozalie have dedicated their lives to bringing inspired Biblical teaching to the Church.  They sharing and teaching about the Hebraic roots of the Christian faith, the Sabbath and biblical feasts, Israel and the Jewish people’s prophetic role in the world today and confronting the sin of anti-Semitism by the Church, within Islam and throughout the nations of the world.

Now, after years of faithfully serving the L-rd, Rozalie is joining the team as a leading Advocate for the National March of Remembrance (MOR).  Rozalie’s insight and understanding of the Jewish and Christian communities, her leadership of the March of Remembrance Houston and her experience as a daughter of Holocaust Survivors make her uniquely qualified for the role G-d has called her to. This new role is not just a position for Rozalie, it is a calling  the L-rd has placed on her life.





Christine Ege serves as adjunct director for the March of Remembrance Houston.








Jeff Craig serves on the core team of the March of Remembrance Houston and spearheads the Central Houston March.








Carmen Mauldin serves as national prayer coordinator for the March of Remembrance.









Susan DeBose serves as musician and artistic consultant for the March of Remembrance Houston and also provides administrative assistance to the core team.







Bill Mealy oversees security, parking, traffic, and transportation details and manages logistics for the memorial walk portion of the Kingwood March of Remembrance.









Paul and Jan Knudson serve as key strategists for the March of Remembrance Houston and have also assisted with various aspects of the March from year to year.


National Advisors and Liaisons to the March of Remembrance


  • Rabbi Dan Gordon, Temple Beth Torah
  • Rev. Dr. Jim Gill, Faith Presbyterian
  • Rev. Jim Welch, Kingwood United Methodist
  • Ruth Steinfeld, Holocaust Survivor
  • Simon Wellner, Second Generation Holocaust Survivors
  • Rev. Walter August, Faith Family Baptist
  • David Lawhon, Texas A&M University Galveston
  • Dr. Richard Booker, International Hebraic Christian Studies
  • Pastor Scott Thibodeaux, Kingwood Church of Christ
  • Doug Stringer, Somebody Cares International
  • Pastor Doyle Theimer, Christ the King Lutheran
  • Rev. William T. Richter, Good Shepherd Episcopal Church

    2016 March of Remembrance Houston Leadership

  • Rev. Kristy Vitts, Christ Church Presbyterian, Houston Lead Chair
  • Jeff Craig, Houston Mentoring Chair
  • Rev. Fred Thomas III, St. Peter’s Missionary Baptist Church, Hempstead Lead Chair
  • Johnynne Rees, Hempstead Mentoring Chair
  • Betty Huff, Hempstead Partnering Chair
  • Pastor Randy Piatt, Memorial Baptist Church, Baytown Lead Chair
  • Pastor Dr. Jim Gill, Faith Presbyterian Church, Baytown Mentoring Chair
  • The Rev. Beccy Smith, Trinity Episcopal Church, Baytown Partnering Chair
  • Rev. Susan Kennard, Trinity Episcopal Church, Galveston Lead Chair
  • David Lawhon, Galveston Mentoring Chair
  • Galveston Ministerial Alliance, Galveston Partnering Organization
  • Pastor Doyle Theimer, Christ the King Lutheran Church, Kingwood Lead Chair
  • Christine Ege, Kingwood Mentoring Chair
  • Bill Mealy, Kingwood Partnering Chair

2015 March of Remembrance Houston Leadership

  • Dr. Victoria and Paul Sarvadi, Insperity, CEO and Nathaniel Foundation Honorary Chairs
  • Rev. Clint Reiff, Westbury Baptist, Rice Temple Baptist Church-Houston Lead Chair
  • Pastor John Paul Cruz, First Assembly of God, Brenham-Brenham Lead Chair
  • Rev. Marvin Rose, Baker Road Baptist Church, Baytown Lead Chair
  • Pastor Dr. Jim Gill, Faith Presbyterian Church, Baytown Mentoring Chair
  • The Rev. Beccy Smith, Trinity Episcopal Church, Baytown Partnering Chair
  • Pastor Doyle Theimer, Christ the King Lutheran Church, Kingwood-Kingwood Lead Chair
  • Pastor Scott Thibodeaux, Kingwood Church of Christ,-Kingwood Partnering Chair
  • Pastor Dr.Woody Woodard, Kingwood Bible Church, -Kingwood Mentoring Chair
  • Jeff Craig -Houston Event Manager 
  • Bill Mealy-Kingwood Event Manager
  • Harry Alan Barber- Baytown Event Manager      
  • Kim Fox-Brenham Event Manager

2014 March of Remembrance Houston Leadership

  • Rev. Jeff Berger, Westbury Baptist, Meyerland
  • John Paul Cruz, First Assembly of God, Brenham
  • Pastor Doyle Theimer, Christ the King Lutheran Church, Kingwood
  • Rev. Robert Horton, Trinity Episcopal Church
  • Rev. Roy Love, Praise Chapel, Webster
  • Rev. Woody Woodard, Kingwood Bible Church, Kingwood
  • Richard and Dawn Rawson,  Insperity, President, Honorary Chairs
  • Mitch and Rozalie Jerome, Senior Source, Houston Executive Directors
  • Stephen and Chris Ege, East Texas Aglow, Houston Directors